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1978 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird 6.6L V8 400 Ci 4-Speed Manual WS6 W72

Mayan Red '78 Trans Am With Original 400 Cubic Inch V8 & Original 4-Speed Manual With Build Sheets!


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Locally owned 1978 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird with the WS6 & W72 packages and its original Pontiac 400 cubic inch 6.6L V8 paired to its original 4-speed manual transmission! Assembled at the Van Nuys, CA plant and sold out of Nevada.  It is in Mayan Red with its original black velour interior. This is a great driver’s car that you can drive and enjoy without the worry you’d get from a fully restored ’78 T/A which this is not. Priced to sell and well below the current comps (SEE COMPS BELOW). It comes with its original build sheets that were found behind the back seat and on top of the gas tank.  Upgrades over the years by its current owner include a paint job, exhaust, original steering box rebuilt, aluminum radiator, water pump, recent oil change/filter, transmission, & rear diff serviced.  The WS6 has front disc brakes, rear drums, and 15″ snowflake wheels. This ’78 TA is offered with the original build sheets, receipts of misc services/parts, and a Clean California title!

Expert Reviews

  • Car and Driver: “The 1978 Trans Am with the WS6 package is a quintessential American muscle car, delivering thrilling performance and unmistakable style.”
  • Hemmings Motor News: “This model year Trans Am stands out for its blend of performance and aesthetics, making it a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts.”
  • “The 1978 Trans Am WS6 W72 is highly sought after for its powerful engine and the driving excitement it offers, solidifying its place in automotive history.”

History of the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am

The second generation of the Pontiac Firebird, which includes the Trans Am, was produced from 1970 to 1981. The 1978 model year is particularly notable for the introduction of the WS6 Performance Package, which brought significant upgrades to the Trans Am’s handling and braking capabilities. The W72 Performance Package, introduced in 1977 and continued in 1978, included the Pontiac 400 V8 engine that produced higher horsepower than the standard models. This generation of Trans Am was emblematic of the late 70s American muscle car era, and its popularity soared, in part, due to its starring role in the movie “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Performance and Specifications

The 1978 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 W72 was designed to deliver impressive performance both on the road and on the track:

  • Engine: Original numbers matching Pontiac 400 V8
  • Horsepower: Approximately 220 hp
  • Torque: 320 lb-ft
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Fuel Economy: Approximately 12-15 mpg (combined)
  • Top Speed: Around 120 mph
  • 0-60 mph: Approximately 6.5 seconds

Best Features

The 1978 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 W72 stands out for several features that make it a highly desirable classic car:

  • WS6 Performance Package: Includes upgraded suspension, larger sway bars, and better brakes, enhancing the car’s handling and driving dynamics.
  • W72 Performance Package: Features the high-output 400 V8 engine, delivering more power and improved performance.
  • Iconic Styling: The Maya Red exterior, complemented by the distinctive Trans Am decals and aggressive front end, makes a bold visual statement.
  • Interior Comfort: The original black velour interior offers a combination of comfort and classic styling.
  • Original Build Sheets: Adds to the car’s authenticity and value for collectors.
  • Manual Transmission: The 4-speed manual gearbox provides an engaging and nostalgic driving experience.
  • Limited Production: The combination of the WS6 and W72 packages makes this model relatively rare and highly sought after.
  • Cultural Significance: Known for its role in “Smokey and the Bandit,” the Trans Am is a cultural icon.
  • Collector’s Value: Low mileage and original components increase its desirability among classic car collectors.
  • Driving Experience: The combination of power, handling, and style makes driving the Trans Am a thrilling experience.


  • WS6 Performance Package
  • W72 Performance Package
  • Original numbers matching Pontiac 400 V8 engine
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Original build sheets
  • Maya Red exterior
  • Black Velour interior
  • 26,000 miles (TMU)
  • Cultural and historical significance
  • High collector value

Popularity and Reliability

The 1978 Trans Am, especially with the WS6 and W72 packages, represents the pinnacle of late 70s muscle car performance. The WS6 package added significant improvements to the suspension and braking systems, making the Trans Am one of the best-handling muscle cars of its time. The W72 package provided a potent V8 engine that offered a thrilling driving experience. This generation of Trans Am was highly popular, not only because of its performance but also due to its appearances in popular media. The durability of the 400 V8 engine and the robust build quality have contributed to the car’s lasting legacy and reliability.

The 1978 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 W72 remains a symbol of American automotive engineering, embodying the spirit of the muscle car era. Its combination of power, style, and cultural significance continues to captivate car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether admired for its performance on the road or its impact on popular culture, the 1978 Trans Am is a true classic that stands the test of time.





Engine manufacturer: GM Pontiac 400 V8
Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke
Fuel type: gasoline (petrol)
Fuel system: carburetor
Charge system: naturally aspirated
Valves per cylinder: 2
Valves timing:
Additional features: Rochester M4MC 4-barrel
OHV, V90deg
Emission control: catalyst
Emission standard:
Cylinders alignment: V 8
Displacement: 6558 cm3 / 400.2 cui
Bore: 104.68 mm / 4.1212 in
Stroke: 95.25 mm / 3.75 in
Compression ratio: 8.1 : 1
Horsepower net: 164 kW / 223 PS / 220 hp (SAE net)
/ 4000
Torque net: 434 Nm / 320 ft-lb
/ 2800
Horsepower gross:
Torque gross:
Redline rpm:
Car power to weight ratio net: 100 watt/kg / 45.4 watt/lb
Car power to weight ratio gross:
Car weight to power ratio net: 10 kg/kW / 7.4 kg/PS / 16.4 lbs/hp
Car weight to power ratio gross:
Fuel capacity: 79 liter / 20.9 U.S. gal / 17.4 imp. gal
Engine lubricant oil capacity: 5.7 liter / 6 U.S. qt / 5 imp. qt
with filter change
Engine coolant capacity: 17.4 liter / 18.4 U.S. qt / 15.3 imp. qt
Transmission oil capacity: 1.65 liter / 1.7 U.S. qt / 1.5 imp. qt
Final drive oil capacity: 2 liter / 2.1 U.S. qt / 1.8 imp. qt
Battery capacity (Ah): 62




Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 203 km/h / 126 mph


0-100 km/h (s): 8
0-160 km/h (s): 19.5


0-60 mph (s): 7.6
0-100 mph (s): 19.7


Drag times:
0- 1/4mile (s): 15.9
speed at 1/4mile: 147 km/h / 91 mph
0- 1km (s): 28.5
Curb weight (without a driver): 1640 kg / 3616 lbs
Weight distribution f/r (%):
Dry weight:
Shipping weight: 1590 kg / 3505 lbs
Curb weight estimated:
Gross vehicle weight rating GVWR:
Payload estimated:
Towing weight:
Transmission type: manual
Number of gears: 4
Gear ratios (overall):
I 2.43 (8.31)
II 1.61 (5.51)
III 1.23 (4.21)
IV 1 (3.42)
V ()
VI ()
VII ()
IX ()
X ()
R 2.35
Traction: RWD (rear-wheel drive)
Final drive ratio std: 3.42
Torque converter factor:
Speed range
(max speed on gears,
top gear value theor.): (km/h/mph)
I: 84 / 52
II: 126 / 78
III: 165 / 103
IV: 203 / 126
V: /
VI: /
VII: /
IX: /
X: /
1000rpm speed: (km/h/mph)
I: 16.7 / 10.4
II: 25.3 / 15.7
III: 33.1 / 20.6
IV: 40.7 / 25.3
V: /
VI: /
VII: /
IX: /
X: /
Front brakes: disc ventilated
279 mm / 11 in
Rear brakes: drum
Standard tires: P 255/70 R 15
Tire air pressure (cold):
Front: 205 kPa / 30 psi / 2 atm / 2.1 bar
Rear: 205 kPa / 30 psi / 2 atm / 2.1 bar
Dimensions & capacities
Length: 4999 mm / 196.8 in
Width: 1864 mm / 73.4 in
Width with mirrors:
Width folded back mirrors:
Height: 1257 mm / 49.5 in
Height with roof rails or antenna:
Height full load:
Wheelbase: 2748 mm / 108.2 in
Front track: 1565 mm / 61.6 in
Rear track: 1532 mm / 60.3 in
Ground clearance: 135 mm / 5.3 in
Ground clearance full load:
Turning circle btw. walls: 12.59 m / 41.3 ft
Turning circle btw. curbs: 11.86 m / 38.9 ft
Drag coefficient Cd claimed:
Drag coefficient Cd estimated by a-c: 0.43
Frontal area A claimed:
Frontal area A estimated by a-c: 1.94 m2
Drag area CdA claimed:
Drag area CdA estimated by a-c: 0.836 m2
Interior dimensions:
1st row: 43.9 in / 1115 mm
2nd row: 28.4 in / 721 mm
3rd row:
Width-Shoulder room:
1st row: 56.7 in / 1440 mm
2nd row: 54.4 in / 1382 mm
3rd row:
1st row: 37.2 in / 945 mm
2nd row: 36 in / 914 mm
3rd row:
1st row: 52.4 in / 1331 mm
2nd row: 46.3 in / 1176 mm
Claimed EPA passenger volume:
Calculated EPA passenger volume: 83.4 cu ft
Interior length:
Interior width:
Interior height:
Trunk (cargo) capacity
std or to windows with 2nd row up/
/to windows with 2nd row down or with add. space/
/to roof with 2nd row down/
/with 3rd row up or with accessories:
Trunk (cargo) capacity claimed:
Trunk (cargo) capacity SAE: / 187 / / dm3
/ 6.6 / / cu ft
Trunk (cargo) capacity VDA:
Boot length:
Boot length max.:
Boot width:
Boot width min. (between wheel arches):
Boot height:
Loading height:
Approach angle (deg): 18.5
Departure angle (deg): 10.7
Ramp angle (deg): 10.6

Identification data

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am T/A 6.6-litre V8 4-speed (man. 4 speed)
as offered for the year 1978 until September for North America

Production/sales period of this car
without major change in specs: October 1977 - September 1978
Modelyears: 1978
Country of origin: USA United States
country flag
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird 2nd generation
Submodel: Firebird 2nd-gen. Trans Am Coupe
Optional equipment:
EEC segmentation: S (sport cars)
Class: sports car
Body style: fastback coupe
Doors: 2
Traction: RWD (rear-wheel drive)
Curb weight (without a driver): 1640 kg / 3616 lbs
Dry weight:
Shipping weight: 1590 kg / 3505 lbs
Curb weight estimated:
Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke
Fuel type: gasoline (petrol)
Cylinders alignment: V 8
Displacement: 6558 cm3 / 400.2 cui
Horsepower net: 164 kW / 223 PS / 220 hp (SAE net)
/ 4000
Horsepower gross:
Redline rpm:
Fuel capacity: 79 liter / 20.9 U.S. gal / 17.4 imp. gal
Transmission type: manual
Number of gears: 4
Car power to weight ratio net: 100 watt/kg / 45.4 watt/lb
Car weight to power ratio net: 10 kg/kW / 7.4 kg/PS / 16.4 lbs/hp

Year: 1978
Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am
Body Style: 2-Dr Coupe
Trim: WS6 W72
Mileage: 28,922 TMU
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Location: San Luis Obispo
Price: $34,995
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 400 CI 6.6L V8
Exterior Color: Mayan Red
Interior Color: Black Velour
MPG: City / Highway
VIN Number: 2W87Z8L148379

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • City: N/A
  • Highway: N/A

Actual rating will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits and vehicle condition.

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